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Hello, my name is Jimmy. Welcome to my site!

Update January 15th, 2013
I noticed the amount of hits for this site is going up, so I thought I should pick up some activities for my site again. In the section "My Family tree", I will publish part of the family tree that I have so far. I am currently still investigating a Tammenga branch in the Netherland, however unlike the other 18th and 19th century Tammenga's, this 19th century couple had so many kids that it will take some time before I have traced back all of their offspring ;-).  


On this site, I tried to collect the information related to the Tammenga surname. I recently started this website, so I will try to update it as much as possible during my spare time. A few years ago I've been doing research to my ancesters. Now and then I google on my surname and I noticed more and more hits. Therefore I thought to bring this website in the air, cause in some or other way, all these people bearing the Tammenga surname should be connected to each other. I will do the kickoff with my own family tree which you can see in the section "My Family tree". In case you see a link with your own family tree, direct or indirect, please let me know so that I can add your link in my family tree.
This website is still under construction, so I am still in the experimental stage to see which layout and script looks best.

HomeTammenga family nameMy Family treePhotosResumeFavorite LinksContact MeFeedback